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Weekly Lottery Item

Raffle Date: November 10, 2019, 11:59pm (via Facebook Live)

Loyalty Points System


Party System

  • x2000 Normal Exp
  • x3000 Master Level Exp
  • Party Exp Bonus Multiplier (2) x40
  • Party Exp Bonus Multiplier (3) x50
  • Party Exp Bonus Multiplier (4) x60
  • Party Exp Bonus Multiplier (5) x150

Level System

  • x2000 Normal Exp
  • 400 Max Normal Level
  • 400 Max Master Level
  • 400 Enhance Max Master Level

Item System

  • Max 3 Excellent Options
  • Exc 380 enabled
  • FO Blessed Divine Weapon
  • no Excellent Ancient
  • no Excellent Socketed
  • Max 5socket

Item Drop System

  • Vulcanus new accessories Drop (Agony, Block, etc..)
  • Land of trial drops Silver/Gold Box
  • Silver/Gold box rolls random toca,etoca, etc.
  • Socket Item drops on Raklion
  • Jewels Drop rate slightly rare
  • Heart of Love drop - (MUUN Egg)
  • Start of Sacred Birth drop - (Exc item)

Event System

  • Saturday Castle Siege every 9pm-10pm
  • Weekly events (Saturday 10:30pm, Sunday 9:00pm)
  • Duelmaster
  • Royal Rumble
  • Guild War
  • Gens System Reward
  • Devil Square every hour (RUUD Box Reward)
  • Blood Castle every hour (RUUD Box Reward)
  • Chaos Castle every hour (RUUD Box Reward)
  • Gaions Order
  • Max 20 entries Per Day. Reset 12mn
  • Moss the gambler enabled (Earrings enabled)
  • 3wcoins per hour online

PVP Settings

  • Balance PVP settings on all character class
  • Each char can kill other class of char