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Weekly Lottery

Current Grand Prize

Errtel of Choice (Anger, Divinity, Blessing, Integrity) Element of Choice

Our weekly lottery is a new feature in which, player will join with their wcoins.


  • You need Wcoins. Please refer below in order to qualified for 1 raffle ticket
    • 10000Wcoins - (1 Raffle Ticket)
  • You can enter as many account as you want as long as you have wcoins
  • By joining, you automatically allowed the Admin to deduct 10000wc from your account
  • Minimum of 50participants before we can start the raffle. It will be carryover next week just in case we do not meet the 50 participants
  • Lottery will be broadcast via facebook live

    Please use the form below in order to join. You must login first to see the form below