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Terms of Service

We are trying to protect our players from obscene, harassment, and defamatory words. This is one of the reason why players quit the game. instead of growing, we become les and less because of those foul languages and believe me, you don't want that.

For players who keeps on trash talking and spamming in game, please read Play Park Game Policy. We will follow it as our game is base on them.

1st Offense - Chat ban indefinitely.

2nd Offens - IP/PC Ban and all of characters involve on that machine.e

Please be guided accordingly.

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Season 15 Information

Version Season 16 Part 1-2
Normal Experience x30000
Master Experience x30000
Majestic Experience x30000
Experience Multiplies x1 multiplier bonus per party member
Seal Experience None
VIP Server None
Max Normal Level 400
Max Master Level 400
Max Majestic Level 500