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Beta Test Launch!

October 25, 2020

Welcome to all players of PlayMU! We are always here, ready to serve you!

Beta Test will start on October 28, 2020 and will end on October 31, Saturday. All players are urge to participate so that we can fully test our newly launch server. Players who participates and report bugs will receive prizes after our beta test. The more bug you report, the more prizes you will get!

Prizes to be compensate for all beta testers

  • 100 WCoins to all participating players
  • 10 WCoins per each confirmed bug report
  • 100m Zen

W Coins Compensation will be strict 1 player = 1PC/IP to avoid any spam. We will check this before we will send your compensation

Spread the words and enjoy the game!

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Season 15 Information

Version Season 16 Part 1-2
Normal Experience x30000
Master Experience x30000
Majestic Experience x30000
Experience Multiplies x1 multiplier bonus per party member
Seal Experience None
VIP Server None
Max Normal Level 400
Max Master Level 400
Max Majestic Level 500