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Dragon Knight Duel Master

July 10, 2018

Next Saturday, July 14, 10:30pm, we will have our first Dragon Knight Duelmaster. Please see details below on how to join


  • Red Pots only.
  • Pets, MUUN, expirable accessories, pentagram is allowed
  • You must have 30b 30s on your vault. It will be added to the prize pool and the champion will get all the jewels
  • Deadline of submission is on Friday, July 13, 11:59pm
  • No warp once duel start. No repots. Auto disqualified
  • Disconnected players must come back in game after 5min. You will disqualified if you failed to do so.

Winner will receive all the jewels prize pool, 10k wcoins, 1 Month expirable 4th wing, and a Trophy which is Bone blade+15+FO (Trophy only, non tradeable, and cant be sold or sell to anyone. Will be pass on the next Champion if you lose).

To register, please fill in the form below

NOTE: Please login first before you can register. 100wc will be deducted to your account if you register. This is to avoid spamming this feature

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