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ToCA Bundle Promo!

July 19, 2018

ToCA Promo will be available on our xShop tomorrow at 7pm. Please see the pricing below for our toca bundles

  • 20toca = 10k wcoins (15k worth, save 5k wcoins)
  • 30toca = 15k wcoins (22.5k worth, save 7.5k wcoins)
  • 45toca = 20k wcoins (33.5k worth, save 13.5k wcoins)
  • 60toca = 30k wcoins (45k worth, save 15k wcoins)

This promotion will start at July 20, 7PM, and will end on July 22, 12midnight. So ready your wcoins, as this will be for limited time only!

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