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Like and Share Raffle!

July 24, 2018

PlayMU First Castle Siege!

PlayMU First Castle Siege! Congrats ReARMED GUILD and Allies! www.PlayMU.PH High exp rate Medium Item rate Max 3option No Exc.Ancient Max Socket: 3 for sets and 5 for 2handed weapons. No item donation, wCoins only. Open PHP with Scam and Hack support Ano pa hinihintay? Tara na mga beshies!

Posted by Playmu on Saturday, 7 April 2018

Good Day everyone!

our like and share raffle is now on going for everyone! This is to show our appreciation to all of our players for continuing on supporting our server. Below is our mechanics in order for you to qualified on this raffle event

  • Like our Page PlayMU PH
  • Share Our Promotional Video to your wall with caption "We love PlayMU!"
  • Comment your IGN on our Promotional video
  • And you are all set!

Please advise that the only legit facebook account is qualified for this event. All newly created facebook will be disqualified, so please, no dummy facebook and use your real account

Raffle date will be on August 5, Sunday, 11pm

Prizes to be won:

1. Change 1 Option of 1 item. (Errtels Included)
2. Switch class set item. Same value: example ancient awake BK to ancient awake GL, same option, same luck. this is a good opportunity if you want to switch class. armors only.
3. Switch character class. Example, from BM to DL. Same level, same number of consume fruits, Same name
4. Switch pentagram/radiance element
5. 1 month vip + free character rename
6. 15 pieces 100% seed unsocket
7. 10 pieces toca
8. 15 pieces elemental toca
9. 10 Elemental Talisman of luck
10. Add 1 option to item. Max 3 option for weapon, sets, accessories, Max 2 option for Wing


Goodluck and everyone!

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