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PlayMU First 30 Max Level Event!

November 14, 2018

Go max and receive rewards! First 30 to reach max level (1050) will receive 30pieces Mysterious Stones. Please read the info below on how to participate. Join our Facebook Group For more information since we will post all of our updates there


  • First 30 only. Comment section will be closed once we got 30 legit participants
  • 1 Legit Facebook = 1 Character. Your facebook account can only claim 1 max level character
  • You cannot give your extra character to another legit facebook. We will trace everything. and we will know who owns that character
  • Once max, please screenshot your character and add it as comments On this post. We will verify and if everything is good, we will insert automatically your 30pieces Mysterious Stones

Enjoy everyone!

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