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Double your Loyalty Points on Donation

January 16, 2019

PlayMU Anniversary Promotion!

To celebrate our anniversary, today, January 18, we will open a new promotion system on our donation.

Loyalty Points will be double on every donation you made. To check our loyalty points System, please visit this link Loyalty Points

On top of Loyalty Points, for every 2000php worth of donation, you will have a chance to win on our raffle. Please check the prizes below

  • 1. Rank 3 Radiance Option of your choice
  • 2. Rank 3 Errtel of Anger, Divinity, Blessing Integrity (Choose 2)
  • 3. Jewel of Luck
  • 4. Left Earring +2opt
  • 5. Right Earring +2opt
  • 6. 10 Pieces level 10 seed sphere
  • 7. 50k Wcoins
  • 8. Garuda Feather
  • 9. Jewel of Excess (Add/Change random 2 exc option on item)
  • 10. Angel and Devil Wing + 2opt

Raffle Terms and Condition

  • Raffle will roll if there are more than 50 Unique Donator. Until then, we will wait
  • 2kphp = 1raffle entry
  • Donator can only win 1 raffle prize. You cant win more than 2 prizes
  • Donator name will be listed on this page and on our facebook group
  • Changes will apply without prior notice

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