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Rare Item Drop Event!

March 14, 2019

Background: We see that the only hunting ground for all the players is on Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Gaion, Devil Square, in which belongs to the event server. We want to increase the number of online in our regular server, thats why we add more hunting ground as well as utilizes the rare ticket for the players to start hunting.

We also saw, that this server is now more than year old, but the number of 4th wing in game is just 4 Pieces and the option is not that good. We receive some disappointment report but we cant do anything about it. Thats why we want to promote the 4th wing by adding drop rates of Golden sentence on the Vulcanus. Please see the tables below

Rare Item Drop and Exchange List

Rare Ticket Qty. Equivalent Item Location / Event item Monster Drop Rarity
Rare Item # 1 5 pcs. Mysterious Stone Box of Luck Golden Budge Dragon Low
Rare Item # 2 5 pcs. Mysterious Box Box of Kundun +1 Golden Goblin, Golden Rabbit, Golden Titan, Golden Dark Knight Low
Rare Item # 3 5 pcs. Mastery Box (50) Box of Kundun +2 Golden Vepar, Golden Devil, Golden Lizard King Medium Low
Rare Item # 4 10 pcs. Mastery Box (100) Box of Kundun +3 Golden Stone Golem, Golden Tantallos, Golden Mega Crust Medium Low
Rare Item # 5 10 pcs. Dark Angel Anvil Box of Kundun +4 Golden Satyros, Golden Twin Tail Medium Low
Rare Item # 6 10 pcs. Holy Angel Anvil Box of Kundun +5 Golden Napin, Golden Iron Knight Medium Low
Rare Item # 7 10 pcs. Box of 3rd wing (random) Box of Kundun +5 Golden Napin, Golden Iron Knight Medium Low
Rare Item # 8 15 pcs. Badge of Hardship Deep Dungeon 1 ~ 5 Deep Dungeon 1 ~ 5 monsters Rare
Rare Item # 9 15 pcs. Conqueror Badge Vulcanus Vulcanus monsters Rare
Rare Item # 10 15 pcs. 1 pc. Garuda Feather Vulcanus Vulcanus monsters Medium Rare
Rare Item # 11 2 pcs. 1 pc. Golden Sentence Vulcanus Vulcanus monsters Extremely Rare

Frequently Ask Question

  • Can i trade my rare item to other account?
    • As of now, you cant. Though you can trade the items once you exchange it from us
  • I have 3 rare item+9, but my other account have 13 rare item, can i combine those account to exchange?
    • No you cant. You need to have a 15 rare ticket on single account for us to exchange it.
  • Can i online multiple accounts?
    • Yes you can, but we cant control the PVP especially on Vulcanus
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