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PlayMU Season 14 Race to Max!

May 03, 2019

Updating to Season 14 was a success! to celebrate, first to reach 1100 (MAX LEVEL) Will receive gifts from us. Please read below

  • First to max = 10000Wcoins
  • Top 2-5 = 6000Wcoins
  • Top 6-10 = 4000Wcoins
  • Top 11-30 = 2000Wcoins

You can check the rankings on this Link Please visit every 10 minutes to refresh

You can claim 1 character per person only. Legit facebook is required. Multiple accounts for single Legit facebook is not allowed

New Class: Rune Wizard

As an introduction to New Character Rune Wizard, First to reach Max level using Rune Wizard will Receive 10Wcoins

Top 2-5 Will receive 5kcoins as compensation

What are you waiting for, go level and win prizes!

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