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Grow Lancer ML and non ML Duelmaster

July 08, 2019

This comming July, 13, 10:30pm, we will have our Master Level Grow Lancer Duelmaster, and on Sunday, July 14, 9:30pm, is for non Grow Lancer Duelmaster. Please see details below on how to join


  • Red Pots only.
  • No Store Pots.
  • No Multiple Character Registration. (We will trace each Contender to avoid multiple character registration)
  • Expirable accessories is allowed
  • No Fenrir, or any mountable pet
  • No MUUN (Non ML Only)
  • No Pentagram (Non ML only)
  • No Socket (Non ML only)
  • No Earrings (Non ML only)
  • No Blessed Divine (Non ML only)
  • No Angel and Devil Wing (Non ML only)
  • no Energy Elf
  • You can borrow item from your guild members, but you cant borrow the item used by other contender. If other contender use it on DM, you cant borrow it.
  • No warp once duel start. No repots. Auto disqualified
  • You only have 5mins to go back in game if disconnected. If disconnected 2times, you will be disqualified.

Non ML

Champion will receive 12k wcoins plus 25 Pieces Golden Sentence and will be our new non ML Duelmaster Champion for Grow Lancer


Champion will receive 20k wcoins plus 50 Pieces Golden Sentence, 4th wing + 15 + 2option (Good for 2months) and will be our new Duelmaster Champion for Grow Lancer /p>

To register, please fill in the form below

NOTE: Please login first before you can register. 100wc will be deducted to your account if you register. This is to avoid spamming this feature

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