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PlayMU Facebook Event

November 13, 2020

PlayMU Facebook Event is now live! You can now join the event even if you are not login on the game! Just follow and like our page to make sure you are notify when we post something there, and you are good!


  • Make sure you are login to our website. You can only see the link we provide if you are log in
  • We will post a bunch of codes as well as the link in which you can enter the code. DO NOT go to any other links. Only the one we will provide
  • Enter the code. If you are the first to sumit the code, you win!
  • We will post 10 Codes per event with random prizes. You might win big if you enter the lucky code
  • You can only claim 1 code. no multiple accounts.
  • We will announce 1 hour before we post the codes to notify you
  • Prizes will be insert manually.
Any other question that is not on the mechanics, feel free to message us. thanks!

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Season 15 Information

Version Season 16 Part 1-2
Normal Experience x30000
Master Experience x30000
Majestic Experience x30000
Experience Multiplies x1 multiplier bonus per party member
Seal Experience None
VIP Server None
Max Normal Level 400
Max Master Level 400
Max Majestic Level 500