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7v7 Best of 3 Guild War

December 12, 2020

We will be having our 8v8 Guild War on Sunday December 13, 2020, 9pm. Please read the rules below on

  • Max of 2 Character Per class
  • Map to use: Vulcanus Duel room
  • In case of Disconnection, we will give you 5 minutes to reconnect. Guildwar will still proceed if one of your member was not able to reconnect back
  • Once the guildwar started, you are not allowed to warp


500b 500s 5000wc for winner.

200b 200s 2000wc for consolation

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Season 15 Information

Version Season 16 Part 1-2
Normal Experience x30000
Master Experience x30000
Majestic Experience x30000
Experience Multiplies x1 multiplier bonus per party member
Seal Experience None
VIP Server None
Max Normal Level 400
Max Master Level 400
Max Majestic Level 500